MGM Recycling Services

Total Waste Management 

Landfill is an expensive and environmentally damaging response to the problems of waste management. Furthermore its costs will escalate in future years. We can offer an on-site audit of all waste streams, providing you with a comprehensive package of financially and environmentally efficient waste handling options. Once problems are identified, we can provide a total waste management package to cover all waste streams and their handling. 
We can provide the full range of handling equipment, including balers, compactors and air transport systems, as well as anything from bags, boxes and bins to skips, trailers and lorries. Call us on 0117 986 4455 for more information and advice from our experienced staff on these options.  

It is difficult to generalise on the types of service we can offer, so please contact us on the numbers above to discuss your specific needs. We can recycle a very wide range of materials, including paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastics, glass, metal and wood. Some of our services are described below: 
General Waste 
      We now operate a general waste clearance service. Collections can be made on a regular, occasional, or on request basis. Contact us for a       service tailored to your specific requirements  
Glass Recycling 
      We offer a regular collection service, primarily to pubs,clubs and hotels, for recycling of bottle/glass waste  
Plastic Recycling 
       For many businesses, plastic in its various forms comprises a significant bulk of the landfill waste stream. Virtually all types of plastic can be        recycled and used in many products, such as carrier bags, bin liners, clothing and furniture. Our experienced staff can offer advice 
Paper Recycling  
        We recycle paper, newspaper and magazines, and cardboard 
We specialize in waste clearance systems for printing operations of all sizes. These systems are typically designed to meet specific individual requirements. We can provide plastic stackable bins and also an air transport system for use on site, which can be coupled to external compaction units 

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